Have you ever wondered why after you learned all the right scales, modes and chords, you still sound uncomfortable in a band setting?

The answer is there’s a missing element that sometimes doesn’t get discussed enough.

It’s the art of interacting in a rhythm section.

You’re not alone. This is a common issue amongst many musicians.

There’s often a disconnect between learning to play jazz and actually performing it.

But now, you have an opportunity to learn from an amazing trio so that your next performance is even better.

In this unique masterclass by Paul Bollenback, Pat Bianchi and Byron “Wookie” Landham, you’ll see them perform and offer in-depth insights into playing as a high level organ trio.

This is all about sitting in the rhythm section & going beyond the harmonic ideas.

Find out:

  • The different elements to focus on when performing

  • The difference between interacting & not interacting in the band

  • Different ways to interact and lift the performance to another level

  • The effect of displacement and using upbeats in comping

  • Why it’s important to imitate and not replicate

  • How to listen to recordings with intent

  • The difference of improvising using chord tones vs chord scales

  • How to react to the harmony as a drummer, organ player and guitarist

This is via demonstrations & discussions on the tune Humpty Dumpty (Chick Corea) as well as an F blues & Bb blues.

This is one for musicians who want insights beyond what chords & scales to play on songs. This is what builds a musical performance!

Indeed, this is a rare opportunity to find out the finer nuances of jazz performance.

A masterclass in ensemble playing – this is a video that will give you a lot of value over repeated viewings.

Covered topics:

  • Specific insights and wide ranging observations from each member of this working organ Trio.
  • What to think about and pay attention to when playing in a group.
  • Importance of listening, and how to listen, both on stage and in the practice room.
  • Some sources to draw from for both comping and soloing
  • The importance of listening with intent
  • Specific rhythmic concepts for comping, and the effect they have. PDF included with rhythmic comping ideas.
  • Things to think about when playing in an organ Trio specifically.
  • What is the role of each instrument at any given time.
  • Supportive comping ideas.
  • Harmonic ideas on blues
  • Tunes-Humpty Dumpty(Chick Corea), Blues.

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  1. Paul Bollenback, Pat Bianchi and Byron "Wookie" Landham perform and offer in-depth insights into playing as a high level organ trio


    I really enjoyed the class! I learned a few things about interplay and I have to get more familiar with reharms. I’m not familiar with the tune Humpty Dumpty so I want to learn the tune and then relisten to the masterclass. When the music starts playing there is a good setup for the” in the room” sound, it sounds great! My only complaint is the sound of the voices when they are talking. It is nowhere near clear and hard to hear because of a whooshing sound in the background. I wish they would have taken as much care with this as they did with the music. Thus 4 stars. But over all a very good masterclass and I will be listening to it over and over…Thx!

    by George Cole
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