Paul demonstrates in this video various picking techniques that can develop your playing in new directions.

Paul offers a huge range of picking approaches that have aims to help develop, stronger picking, improved coordination and getting a better sound.
He starts with an impressive demo of double-time picking demo in C minor blues which is inspiring.

The areas covered by Paul offers is impressive and more fun than reading a book on technique.

Exercises include

  • Alternate picking with both down and upstrokes
  • How to avoid getting stuck with any single picking style
  • Fixed number of attacks per note (2,3,4 etc), with different stroke combinations
  • Combining different note groupings
  • Single vs. double time picking
  • Four finger combinations without repeating
  • the different feels involved with pickling / slurring / hammer-on and pull-offs.
  • Playing scales in different harmonies: E.g. 3rds,
  • Playing all adjacent string pairs
  • Two strings exercises
  • Things to be aware of left hand form
  • Economy / sweep picking with different down / up strokes
  • How to play fast
  • Why three notes on a string is his favored approach
  • string plucking borrowed from classical techniques
  • Lots of pattern ideas

What I found impressive is that throughout Paul encourages the viewer to take his examples and modify them – making your own on variations.
As I followed along, I found myself not only developing new moves, but also understanding the potential for composition while practicing these techniques.

Paul demonstrates in this video various picking techniques that initially feel counter intuitive (e.g., consecutive up-up and down-down strokes), but once applied, can be develop your playing in new directions. His video has already helped me to think about my picking choices and even helped in developing lines.

[Mike Bryant – 27 March 2019]

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Picking 00:45:23
Section I
Introduction 00:02:11
Mechanics 00:01:31
Single String Chromatic Exercise 00:03:38
Alternate Picking Exercise Variations 00:04:41
Alternate Picking Variation Used on Solo 00:02:11
String Crossing Picking Hand Options 00:01:49
Section II
Left Hand Form on 2 Strings 00:02:44
Different String Combinations 00:02:58
Correlation to Improvising 00:01:16
Using Different Numbers of Attack 00:03:17
Application on Arpeggios – BbMaj7 Arpeggio 00:02:03
Number of Notes Per Strings 00:02:29
Adding Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs 00:01:26
Section III
Economy Picking and Sweep Picking 00:02:04
Back To 2 Notes Per Strings 00:02:06
Right Hand Picking Movement Details 00:06:11
Application on Autumn Leaves and Closing Tips 00:03:11
Picking F Major Scale – Soundslice 00:03:55

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  1. Paul’s Picking Extravaganza!


    Excellent course specifically for the picking hand! I hope there is follow up on this course as far as tempos how to handle them, articulation, slurring, sliding, hammering: when to do (for speed, effect). Thx Paul!

    by George Cole
  2. You should have showed us the stove in Let's Burn One!


    I had the good fortune of attending a jazz camp in Maryland a few years ago and Paul was the guitar guru. He commented that my picking was very stiff, and I never got the chance to ask him for advice on how to make things better. I am therefore very glad that put out these two picking courses to help me improve my picking.

  3. Very useful


    I found this course very useful and helpful in my own playing and have incorporated much of Paul’s suggestions into my daily practice. Developing and maintaining good picking technique is an ongoing process and requires a regular return to basics. Thanks a Paul!

    by Henry Rutgers
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