Practicing and Memorizing Tunes: A Systematic Approach For All Levels

Steve will take you through the process of learning new tunes with an emphasis on hearing the melody and changes and how they fit together. A step by step method, thorough to the point of reaching a deep understanding of the tune at hand. Transposition will be made much easier after following logical steps including singing, root motion, chord functions, guide tone lines, logical fingerings, a variety of chord/melody concepts and much more. When tunes are internalized in this way, long term memorization will be possible with greater flexibility. Expand your repertoire while maximizing your practice time!

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Practicing and Memorizing Tunes
Practicing and Memorizing Tunes 01:31:00

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    Really good and valuable information here presented by Steve, no other way , we need to face the hard work to be able to progress but how to practice efficiently a tune? This is what this lesson is about.

    R.V Toronto

    ~ ramine.V (August 9, 2015)

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