In this class Randy teaches how to apply the “Coltrane” (Giant Steps) cycle to traditional I-vi-ii-V and ii-V-I progressions and also the derivation of the Coltrane cycle. Specific lines and ideas for soloing on these changes are provided, and also specific ways to make both comping and soloing more easy and flowing on the guitar when dealing with this progression.

Randy Johnston tackles specific lines and examples in Coltrane’s iconic tune “Giant Steps”. In part 1, you can expect an outcome of being much better able to navigate the “Coltrane” style harmonic cycle…both from a comping and soloing standpoint.  You will also study various lines and examples with which to more easily navigate this difficult progression both conceptually and on the guitar.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to the harmonic cycle in Coltrane’s Giant Steps, then Randy’s class is for you.

Sub-topic 1:  Specific Licks and Substitutions for navigating the Coltrane cycle

Sub-topic 2: Ways to make the comping and soloing less awkward on the guitar for this progression

Sub-topic 3: Derivation of this progression and application to standard progressions


  • Comping
  • Harmony
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Practicing
  • Soloing
  • Standards
  • Technique
  • Theory


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Duration: 29 Minutes

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Randy Johnston’s Coltrane Changes Strategies – Part 1 00:29:28

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