Join Randy for his first Mike’s Master Class!  In this class Randy will cover various aspects of technique, fingering, scales and tetrachords, chord voicings  and improvisation.  He shares many useful tools for simplification, including learning scales and fingerings, playing over ii min7b5 – V7 – i and more!  Randy also starts off with some incredible solo guitar.

Note: There are no written materials for this class.

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Class Content

Simplifying Jazz Guitar
Simplifying Jazz Guitar 01:09:00

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  1. Not a great lesson


    It is a pleasure to listen Randy playing, but I don’t understand the goal of this lesson nor its structure.

    by Sergio Jaén Lara
  2. Simplifying Jazz by Randy Johnston


    This is a phenomenally good Lesson! Actually it is like eight lessons in one……..Don’t overlook this because the video resolution Isn’t the greatest. The guitar Fretboard Can be clearly seen……..and the sound is good enough.

    Randy starts off With a solo guitar version Of My favorite things. Next Is some incredible Solo guitar For Stella by starlight. Several choruses Of great playing with Interesting changes!

    I’m transcribing that now I like it so much! Randy then goes into a great discussion and

    demonstration of tetrachord scales Which is very informative. Next It’s a discussionAnd demonstration of the different ways to approach A minor 251 Really good stuff here also!

    Then As if this all wasn’t enough already, Randy finishes off With some excellent G Blues Solo guitar. This one is next on my list to transcribe! There is a real Lot of Material Here. Good Material! I highly recommend this Lesson.


    by Ray King
  3. Film recordings


    Dear People at Mike’s Master Classes

    As much i love Randy Johnstons playing and the man himself, i have to say that the film recording is very amateurish and of poor quality.
    I wouldn’t take any money for it.
    Thank you for taking notice and for your good work on other courses.

    Yours sincerly

    by Nilo Bortot
  4. 3

    I would suggest the author of this master class make use of written material in his presentation. The first segment was very useful to me. Because I would consider myself not quite an intermediate, written material would have helped me through the second segment of the class.

    by George Van Dyke
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