Randy continues his series on jazz standards and takes you step by step through the chord changes to Stella by Starlight in this class. He highlights and demonstrates the difference in chords used by Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans. After a performance of the song, he reviews the chord changes and demonstrates various ideas on voicings and constructing solo  lines.

Concepts include simplifying the half-diminished chord and tetrachords. In addition to presenting various chord options for comping, Randy also presents the melody with chords. Then he takes a measure or two at a time and shows different approaches to soloing.

This is a very hands-on, practical class that you can apply the concepts of right away.

Chord Block Diagrams and Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans changes  included.

Running time 56 minutes.

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Class Content

Stella by Starllight - Changes, Voicings and Lines
Stella by Starllight – Changes, Voicings and Lines 00:57:00

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  1. Profile photo of Ray King

    It doesn't get any better!!


    Phenomenal lesson……. Randy Plays A few different chord melodies. He also plays several different Full Chorus Single line solos! He goes over Key centered Approaches For the newer player And also Other scale choices For the More Advanced players………There is also a fantastic segment on How-to solo over a minor 251 By simplifying everything Using minorization and tetra chord Concepts. There is much much more also! Like all of Randy’s lessons, They are like multiple lessons In one. He also discusses The necessary theory And harmony For a difficult tune (Stella)

    In my view All of Randy’s lessons are by far The best bang for the buck on the entire Internet. He gives Great stuff To get into are playing and Take it and use it At the next gig For jam session Or whatever………

    I look forward To many more Lessons On Jazz standards Like This one!

    Ray King

    ~ Ray King (November 8, 2018)

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