In the second of this video series M Arenas covers arpeggios and applications over diatonic progressions (in Major, Harmonic Minor and Jazz melodic Minor), blues progressions as well as minor blues progressions.

These arpeggios are all found in a variety of genres in music and are used by great artists such as George Benson, Frank Gambale, Tal Farlow, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malsteen, Shawn Lane, Al DiMeola, Larry Carlton and more.

Each section is divided into chapters and the following topics are covered in order. The purpose of this video is to complete knowledge of most arpeggios to the 13th. All the arpeggios given have been formulated for use with Sweep Picking or with Hybrid Picking technique.

Chapter 1
Triads – Major and Minor forms in 2 and 3 octaves

Major 7, Minor 7, Maj7#5, 7th, Min/Maj7th, Min7b5, Dim7 and Minor 6th in two octaves

Chapter 3
Major 9, Minor 9, 9th, Dominant 7(b9), Minor 7b5 (b9) in two octaves

Chapter 4
11th, Minor 11, Maj9#11 in two octaves

Chapter 5
13th, Major 13#11, Minor 13th in two octaves

Chapter 6
Diminished and Augmented arpeggios

Chapter 7
Arpeggios found in the Major Scale
Arpeggios found in the Harmonic Minor Scale
Arpeggios found in the Jazz Melodic Minor Scale

Chapter 8
Arpeggio choices and formulas over a G7 Blues

Chapter 9
Arpeggios choices and formulas over a C Minor blues (ala “Equinox or Moments Notice”)

Chapter 10
Conclusion and demonstration over a G7 Fusion blues (ala Larry Carlton)

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