The Diminished Scale In Improvisation

The diminished scale is perhaps the most fun and challenging scale used in improvising adding spice and a modern vibe to melodic lines.

Gain a thorough understanding of the diminished scale through 12 pages of exercises and discussion in this in-depth 90-minute masterclass. Harmonizing any of the 3 symmetrical diminished scales will yield 16 different triads, and 16 seventh chords!

This class looks at many of these possibilities in close detail.

Highlights include:

  • Jim Hall’s “Careful”
  • Duke Ellington’s “Caravan” similar to Wes Montgomery’s classic version
  • Single note and chordal resolution exercises
  • Intervallic studies
  • The dominant/diminished connection
  • Classic sequences and patterns
  • Chord/Scale Visualization techniques
  • Triad usage and arpeggios
  • Diminished chord functions/substitutions
  • Memorization techniques

Fewer scales are as much fun and rewarding as the diminished. Get control of this valuable improvisation tool and enjoy the results!

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Class Content

The Diminished Scale In Improvisation
The Diminished Scale In Improvisation 01:36:00

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  1. 5

    That’s it. No more mystery about diminished scale. Steve really put a great effort in this lesson. one word. Fantastic

    by Sandro Norton
  2. 5

    I’ve seen/heard diminished concepts described dozens of times before, but Steve is an "outside the box" thinker, and comes up with interesting and unique applications and insights.

    Very clearly explained, with tons of patterns and lines to learn. I especially liked the section on resolution from every step in the scale. This is one of my favorite classes so far.

    by Philip DeMario
  3. 5

    Steve offers a wealth of knowledge in all of his lessons and this lesson is no exception and by far well worth the price!!!


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