Mike Godette presents a unique look at the improv style of Cannonball Adderley on Guitar. In this course, you can expect to expand on your improvisational concepts and have a better understanding of some of the devices that Cannonball Adderley uses in his improv through analyzing a variety of different licks from his solos.

Mike takes 12 different licks from a variety of Cannonball Adderley solos and he breaks down and analyzes each lick one at a time and explains what sorts of intervallic and harmonic devices are being utilized in each lick.

If you are looking to get more Cannonball Adderley sounds into your soloing, this is the lesson video for you!

  • Sub-topic 1: Improvisation
  • Sub-topic 2: ii V I licks
  • Sub-topic 3: Cannonball Adderley


  • Harmony
  • Jazz Blues
  • Soloing
  • Standards
  • Theory

Course Details:

  • Title: The Improv Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar
  • Instructor: Mike Godette
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Running time: 62 minutes
  • 5 Pages PDFs Included

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  1. 5

    good stuff

    by Karel Vijfschaft
  2. Incredible amount of information!


    Mike is not only an incredible musician but has a down to earth and very direct way of explaining these examples so people can understand them. I purchased this lesson and have been learning a tremendous amount with these licks from the master Cannonball.

    by David Livolsi
  3. This is incredible stuff.


    Wow! This is certainly incredible. Many jazz lovers agree that Cannonball Adderley was one of the great alto players. I know that some folks prefer bebop over the “hard bop” that happened in the 1960; however, Cannonball really does extend, amend, and carry on the bebop contribution that began with Charlie Parker. Mike has obviously studied Cannonball’s music in great detail. One can really sense Mike’s love for and devotion to this music in this video. In “The Inprov Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar” Mike shows all of the details of a faithful guitar version of 12 licks from Cannonball’s music. This is just over one hour of intense instruction. Some students might absorb all of this material quickly, but, I must admit, that it is going to take me many hours of study to get all of the amazing details of a few of these licks under my fingers. I highly recommend this instructional video. Thank you, Mike.

    by Duncan Herring
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