In this comprehensive video lesson, Mike Godette guides students through an in-depth exploration of Oscar Peterson’s improvisation style, enhancing their understanding of his unique harmonic and intervallic devices.

This lesson is designed to provide a thorough analysis of Peterson’s techniques, specifically focusing on the bluesy double stop licks that are a hallmark of his sound, and how these can be effectively translated to the guitar.

Mike Godette meticulously deconstructs 12 distinctive licks taken from various Oscar Peterson solos. Each lick is examined and analyzed in detail, with Mike explaining the specific intervallic and harmonic devices employed in each instance.

This step-by-step breakdown not only sheds light on the theoretical aspects of Peterson’s style but also provides practical insights into his bluesy sound. Students will learn how to incorporate these elements into their own playing, significantly enriching their musical vocabulary.

Key Focus of Lesson

One of the key focuses of this lesson is on double stops, a technique frequently used by Peterson to add a bluesy flavor to his improvisations. Mike demonstrates how these double stop licks can be adapted for the guitar, providing clear examples and practical exercises to help students master this technique.

Additionally, the lesson delves into various types of sweep picking techniques, illustrating how these can be used to replicate Peterson’s articulations on the guitar. This approach not only helps in achieving the characteristic sound of Peterson’s solos but also expands the student’s blues playing into new and exciting territories.

The lesson covers a range of subtopics essential for mastering Peterson’s style. These include jazz blues licks, which are a crucial element of his improvisational approach, as well as the use of double stops and sweep picking techniques. Each of these topics is explored in detail, with Mike providing valuable insights and tips to help students integrate these techniques into their playing. The lesson also emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying harmonic structures that Peterson uses, providing a solid theoretical foundation for students to build upon.


This video lesson is categorized under Blues, Harmony, Jazz Blues, Soloing, Technique, and Theory, making it a comprehensive resource for guitarists looking to deepen their understanding of jazz blues and enhance their improvisational skills. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced players who are looking to expand their musical horizons and incorporate more complex harmonic and intervallic concepts into their playing.

Overall, this lesson offers a unique opportunity to learn from Mike Godette’s extensive knowledge and expertise, providing students with the tools they need to emulate Oscar Peterson’s distinctive sound on the guitar. Whether you are looking to improve your soloing, refine your technique, or gain a deeper understanding of jazz blues harmony, this lesson provides a wealth of valuable information and practical guidance to help you achieve your musical goals.

Sub Topics

  • Jazz Blues Licks
  • Double Stops
  • Sweep Picking


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Course Details:

  • Title: The Improv Style of Oscar Peterson for Guitar
  • Instructor: Mike Godette
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Running time: 57 minutes
  • 4 Pages of PDF Included

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