Join guitarist Frank DiBussolo as he continues his series “The General Tonal Center Concept for Improvisation”.  This class is “The General Tonal Center Concept Applied to Chord Melody Playing ” or “Basses?… basses?… we don’t need no stinking basses !” It will show how Diatonic Harmony discussed in the GTCC can be utilized to create solo guitar arrangments , accompaning and even chord solos based on 9 basic chord forms of the 7th and more. This class is a must for anyone who has been frustrated in trying to play unaccompanied jazz guitar !!

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Tonal Centers Applied to Chord Melody
Tonal Centers Applied to Chord Melody 01:15:00

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  1. Profile photo of Dave Williams


    Chord melody has been my primary motivation for many years of studying guitar. To me, nothing on the instrument is more beautiful and rewarding. While every one of Frank’s classes has been outstanding, this one really put a lot of things together for me. I have a much clearer idea of where to focus my efforts and of what things must be mastered to reach the goal of "churning out" a good chord melody. I higly recommend this class to any serious student of guitar, and I can’t wait for Frank’s next class on this topic.

    Dave Williams

    ~ Dave Williams (September 18, 2007)

  2. Profile photo of Sherry Chapin


    This was my first experience with the master class. Dr. DiBussolo was an excellet instructor who took a very complex subject and made it simple to understand for ever level of player. His response to questions and response to comments were very genuine and sincere. His sense of humor and teaching style is one that puts the student at ease and you can sense by his interation that he knows his students on a personal level. As a novice, I am very excited about learning more from Dr. DiBussolo and increasing my knowledge and appreciation of music from someone with this much talent. Thanks to mikesmaster classes for having such a quality person as an instructor!

    ~ Sherry Chapin (August 31, 2007)

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