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Frank DiBussolo

Jazz Guitar Master

Frank DiBussolo, a graduate of Widner University, received his Mater of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in composition from the Combs College of Music in Philadelphia, PA.  He has studied theory and compositon under Dennis Sandole, Albert Stauffer, Ana Kotserenko, David Finko and Dr. Romeo Cascarino.  Frank has many credits to his name, including writing for the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra, The Philadelphia Jazz Ensemble, Rosella Washington, Clyde Terrel and Pearl Williams, among others.  In addition, he has recorded extensively and has performed with numerous musical personalities, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, Vicky Carr, Bobby Vinton, Dizzy Gillespie, Doc Severenen, Bob Hope, George Barns and Art Blakey.Jimmy Bruno said of Frank "It would be hard to imagine anyone playing the guitar better than this!"
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