In this master class, discover how Randy Johnston takes this Wes Montgomery classic and puts his own twist on it. You will learn not only learn the chord changes but also Randy’s own personal strategies for soloing on it. Navigate through this tune with more confidence at your next gig or jam session.

Randy will show you:
• Ideas for simplifying II-V single note lines
• Minor Vs. Dominant Vs. Blues Ideas
• Visualisation techniques for playing Wes style octave solos
• Wes Block Chord Style Soloing Basics
• Which Chord Fingerings Work Better (and Why)
• Two Arrangers’ Techniques to Imitate The Big Band Sound

If you finally want to master this tune, this masterclass will give you actionable ideas you can use immediately. As with all of Randy’s classes, there is no filler material! This is the stuff he uses when he plays and these ideas sound good!

  • 3 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation.
  • Full video is 1 hour.
Read an Editor's Review by Az Samad

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Full Class + Download 01:00:20
About The Song
Intro Performance 00:02:19
About The Song & Wes Montgomery 00:06:37
The Melody Chord Changes and The Solo Chord Changes 00:07:56
The Riff Up An Octave 00:01:26
2nd Performance 00:03:29
Single Note Soloing
Single Note Lines Strategies 00:04:25
Using Dorian and Tetrachord Ideas 00:01:20
Dominant Ideas and Using The Solo Changes 00:03:06
Soloing with Octaves
Wes Montgomery Octave Solo Tips 00:06:03
Octave Solo Examples 00:02:11
Using Slides 00:00:34
Wes Block Chord Style Soloing
Wes Block Chord Style Soloing 00:06:16
The Benefits of Certain String Sets 00:01:22
Replacement with Upper Partials 00:03:52
Diminished Chords 00:02:55
Two Arrangers’ Techniques 00:02:26
Minor Whole Tone Ideas and Block Chord Solo Example 00:02:09
Conclusion and Outro Solo 00:02:04

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  1. Profile photo of Dave Silhanek

    An inspiring goldmine ! Thank you, Randy


    This gets it steaming all together: inversions, diminished, voiceleading .. Great Jazz!

    ~ Dave Silhanek (December 1, 2018)

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