Level Up: Get Over the Hump

Transitioning From Basic to Intermediate

As a beginner jazz guitarist, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to leveling up your skills. Here are three methods for beginner jazz guitarists to level up their skills:

Start with the Basics

The basics of jazz guitar playing are essential to developing a strong foundation for more advanced techniques. Start by learning the basic chord shapes, scales, and arpeggios that are commonly used in jazz music.

Practice playing these basic shapes and scales in different keys, as well as different rhythmic patterns and tempos. As you become more comfortable with these basic concepts, start experimenting with more advanced techniques, such as chord substitutions, alternate picking, and sweep picking.

Foundational Courses

Learn Jazz Standards

Jazz standards are classic songs that are frequently played in jazz performances. Learning jazz standards is an excellent way to develop your skills in playing chord progressions, improvisation, and phrasing.

Start by selecting a few standards that you enjoy and learning the melody and chords. Then, practice playing the chords in different positions and voicings, and experiment with improvisation over the chord progressions.

As you become more comfortable with the standards, try transcribing solos from your favorite jazz guitarists and incorporating their phrasing and techniques into your own playing.

Get Going With Learning Jazz Standards

Leveling up your skills as a beginner jazz guitarist requires a combination of practice, learning jazz standards, and focusing on the basics. By starting with the basics, learning jazz standards, and practicing with a metronome, you’ll develop the technical skills and musical knowledge necessary to become a successful jazz guitarist.

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