Upon completing this class, a student will be able to play “Have You Met Miss Jones” both as a solo guitar piece and with a group. Students will be able to improvise on it at a professional level and also will learn harmonic and melodic concepts that they can apply to many other similar songs.

Sub Topics Included in this Class:

  • Use of harmonic progressions such as back cycles and contrary motion
  • Development of solo lines using sequence and motive
  • Simplifying the guitar fingerboard using tetrachord shapes

Randy takes you step by step how to play the song “Have You Met Miss Jones”, the single note melody, chord melody, chord progressions, and he gives students ideas and licks to use in improvisation as well as alternate harmonic progressions which can be applied to many standard songs.

Chord diagrams are included.

Running time: 2 parts totaling 1 hour 10 minutes.

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Class Content

Miss Jones Parts
Have You Met Miss Jones – Masterclass pt. 1 00:32:00
Have You Met Miss Jones – Masterclass pt. 2 00:38:00

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  1. Profile photo of Steven Moore

    Love Randy's Teaching Style


    I love this lesson, as I do ALL of his (I own them ALL!) Randy has a way of teaching that is so easy going and accessible and “real world”. His approach to improvisation and teaching it makes me feel and sound like I’m learning jazz right away without overly focusing on “scale scale mode mode” talk. Every time I learn a tune from him I feel I am armed with the approach of a seasoned pro.

    ~ Steven Moore (April 17, 2018)

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