Randy Johnston’s Coltrane Changes Strategies- Part 2- The Blues

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Randy Johnston’s Coltrane Changes Strategies- Part 2- The Blues Class Content | Randy Johnston

In this class, Randy dives deeper into the Coltrane Cycle.  Randy demonstrates methods to become more fluent in applying the Coltrane Cycle to different applications within the Blues Progression.

Randy walks step by step through specific lines and patterns, which will bring the student closer to spontaneous improvisation on both the Blues progression in general and the Coltrane Cycle in particular.

This class is a further exploration of the concepts presented in Coltrane Changes Strategies part 1 and can be used either together or separately with the Volume 1 class.

In just 33 minutes, Randy teaches how to apply the Coltrane (Giant Steps) chord progression both to the first 4 bars and to the last 4 bars of the 12 bar Jazz-Blues progression and discusses strategies for constructing jazz lines over this progression. Specific examples are provided and then the student is encouraged to use his own creativity to create his own solos using the strategies discussed.


  • Blues
  • Harmony
  • Jazz Blues
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Soloing

Sub-topic 1: Superimposing the Coltrane (Giant Steps) changes over the first 4 measures and the last 4 measures of the Blues progression.

Sub-topic 2: Specific lines and patterns to play over the Coltrane changes

Sub-topic 3: Patterns and strategies for constructing original lines over these changes

Running time: 33 minutes
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