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What do you find more challenging?  Ear training, developing your chord vocabulary, or improving your phrasing and articulation?

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6 responses on "Steve Herberman Free Video 2"

  1. A great lesson, with bunch of nice ideas to develop, just as Steve have us used to. Thanks Mike for the idea of this series of free videos!!

  2. Great as usual….Steve is wonderful teacher.

  3. I found this just as useful as the Howard Alden lesson. Thanks to Steve for taking the time to present this video, and Mike for making it available.

  4. great points on improving guitar mastery as well as nice musical demonstration.

  5. Excellent… the best 30 minutes of screen time I’ve had this week. I appreciate the way Steve credits and references others when presenting some ideas. Musical examples were very helpful and Steve’s fingerstyle playing sounds great.

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