The extended time period ( 2 and 1/2 hours long) allows freedom to further explain, demonstrate, as well as answer questions via a simultaneous chat system.

Tony teaches more of his Units (“tetrachords with an attitude”) and how to combine them via parallel scales. The lesson will bring the player closer to understanding Inside and Inside/Outside concepts for improvisation as well as how to commence applying his concepts to a standard tune.

The notated literature sent in advance will only enhance in assimilation and for recall (The lessons wil be video recorded for access at a later date.).

Tony also continues in aiding the player’s own mental, technical, and aural faculties via his “Arpeggiated Cyclic Progression Activities” course.

Mere mimicry (sounding or associating a style with a famous musician) is often not the way to go, at least in the long haul.

Tony teaches you to be about yourself!

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Class Content

A New Model In Viewing the Art of Improvisation - 2-1/2 Hours
A New Model In Viewing the Art of Improvisation – 2-1/2 Hours 02:21:00

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    Interesting class. Tony is obviously an amazing jazz musician with a unique approach to jazz improvisation, and it was wonderful to obtain an inkling of some of the ideas that he’s developed over his long, decorated career.

    I gave this less than 5 stars because I felt like the technical issues that Tony experienced made it a bit difficult to follow along with this class. Not Tony’s fault, ultimately.

    Thankfully, this is a class that I will probably return to several times. There is a tremendous amount of information here, and it isn’t necessarily presented in a linear fashion. Regardless, I recommend the class, despite the technical issues. Tony is a guru, in my opinion.

    by Matthew Bottiglieri
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