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From the first time that I knew that you could play the guitar imitating harp sounds, I have been researching and looking for new chords and extended techniques with those unique and beautiful guitar colors.
In this master class I‘m showing Ted Greene and Lenny Breau’s harp harmonics  techniques, plus harmonics and fretted notes in many different forms.  Ralph Towner’s chords are inside the video clinic too.
Harmonics chord sequences, scales with harmonics and special effects are covered.
Your guitar will begin to sound like a waterfall, with plenty of marvelous textures and will expand your harmonic / melodic palette and sonic range.
These harp harmonics and Tapp harmonics are great for intros, endings and comping.
Hope you enjoy my ideas and become a Harmonics lover like me.

Juampy Juarez

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All About Harmonics
All About Harmonics 01:04:00

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