Join Roni for his first Mike’s Master Class “Anantomy of a Tune – Be-bop Style”.  Participants will learn how to identify the harmonic progressions and scales Be-bop artists use.  A pre-written solo and segments from Roni’s book “Talk Jazz” will be used to exemplify the development of melodic ideas.  Based on the Barry Harris Method.

This a detailed description of the workshop:

• The song How High the Moon is introduced.
• Roni will walk the participants through the harmonic progressions of the song using the approach of identifying the harmonic sentences in the song.
• The scales of these harmonic progressions (a very basic format of the song, which is used by Barry Harris as the basis from which to develop melodic ideas) are discussed.
• The concept of adding chromatic notes to the major and dominant scales is discussed. Two or three examples of phrases using this concept are given.
• The concept of important chords in the dominant scale (chords up  from the 3rd, 5th or 7th) is discussed. Two or three examples of phrases using this concept are given.
• One chorus of a pre-written solo on these changes is analyzed, using the concepts we discussed.

Handouts will include:
1. A lead sheet of the song
2. A sheet with the scales
3. Excerpts from the book “Talk Jazz”, that discuss the added chromatic notes and the important chords
4. One chorus solo on How High the Moon

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Class Content

Anatomy of a Tune - Be-bop Style
Anatomy of a Tune – Be-bop Style 01:33:00

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  1. Very good lesson


    I’m impressed by this lesson. I’m also a jazz guitar teacher and I’m learning a lot from Profesor Roni Ben-Hur. He understands what students need to learn a topic.
    Thank you.

    by Karol Wolnok
  2. 5

    Roni Ben-Hur’s style and method is unique and can only help in opening the player to new centers of understanding improv and harmony.

    by Bryant Fraser
  3. 5

    Outstanding lesson! Roni covers a lot of material in a clear, organized and helpful way. I repeatedly found that my questions were being addressed by Roni only seconds after they occurred to me. Hope to see more lessons by Roni, as this lesson probably only scratches the surface of what Roni can teach students.

    by Fred C.
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