Dive into the heart of jazz guitar with Roni Ben-hur’s enlightening video lesson on Charlie Parker’s iconic tune, “Confirmation”. This masterclass is not just a lesson; it’s an immersive journey through the complex harmonies and intricate melodies that define jazz. Roni, with his expert guidance, breaks down the challenging aspects of the tune, making it accessible and engaging for guitarists aiming to expand their jazz repertoire and vocabulary. Whether you’re grappling with the tune’s demanding melody or seeking to deepen your improvisational skills, Roni’s insights will transform your approach, one note at a time. Join this musical voyage and unlock the secrets of jazz guitar mastery with “Confirmation”.

From the Course:

“Hello everyone, my name is Roni Ben-Hur. Today, I want to discuss “Confirmation” by Charlie Parker, a fascinating jazz piece known for its intricate chord progressions. It serves as an excellent practice tool for navigating common chord changes found in many jazz standards.

First, I’ll perform the piece to give you a sense of its vibe. “Confirmation” has a lively, bebop feel, and while its melody (or “head”) is challenging, it provides a rich foundation for improvisation, making it ideal for developing your jazz phrasing and vocabulary. However, the melody can be daunting, especially on the guitar, due to its complexity. One approach is to slow down the melody or focus on improvisation by bypassing the melody altogether.

The importance of “Confirmation” lies in its chord changes, which are prevalent in many jazz standards. By analyzing the chord sheet, identify the harmonic centers or “arrival points” and the chords that lead to these points. The piece transitions from the tonic (F major) to its relative minor (D minor), a common progression in jazz. Recognizing these patterns, such as moving to the relative minor or the fourth chord, is crucial for understanding jazz harmony.

When practicing “Confirmation,” consider the function of each chord: some are destinations, while others are pathways leading to these destinations. This distinction helps in improvisation, as you can emphasize the arrival points while using the leading chords to navigate through the changes.

Let’s break down the A section: it starts in F major, moves to D minor (the relative minor), then to B-flat major (the fourth chord), and introduces a two-five-one progression, a staple in jazz harmony. Each of these points offers an opportunity to practice and internalize common jazz progressions.

Understanding and practicing the chord changes in “Confirmation” not only enhances your ability to play this particular tune but also enriches your overall jazz improvisation skills by familiarizing you with key harmonic movements found in many other standards.”

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  1. 5

    Great lesson from Roni Ben-Hur. Based on the famous Barry Harris method Roni demonstrates the principles of how to play bebop. He´s a great teacher and a player too.
    Thanks Roni

    by Sandro Norton
  2. 5

    A wonderful lesson from Roni Ben-Hur on the important "Confirmation". I especially love it when great players like Roni can give me immediately useful tools with logical explanation so it will stick. This lesson provides that in spades. Extremely well-organized and packed with powerful concepts for unlocking "Confirmation" or indeed any other tune.

    by timothy allred
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