Exploring intricate chord voicings based on the Minor 6, Major 6 and the Diminished chords.

Exploring intricate chord voicings based on the Minor 6, Major 6 and the Diminished chords.
11 lessons that will dramatically change your approach to chord voicing, allowing you to add color, texture and harmonic movements to every chord, using the minor 6 and major 6 diminished scales, and the diminished chord.  Mastering this information will give you the tools to create sophisticated voice leading, impressionistic chords with beautiful tensions, and raise your chord solo and accompaniment playing to new heights.
All these concepts are clearly explained, and ways to practice them are outlined.
Sheet music and chord diagrams for the material in these lessons is included.

NOTE: These videos and materials were previously released in Roni’s “Chordability” DVD.

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Advanced Harmony for the Jazz Guitarist
Advanced Harmony for the Jazz Guitarist 01:17:00

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  1. Advanced Harmony for Jazz Guitarist


    I’ve had this class for a long time, but just recently noticed that I never reviewed it, so I re-watched it, and was amazed at how much great material there is. It is delivered clearly, thoroughly, and with a very complete PDF guide to go by. Outstanding all around.

    by james seaberry
  2. 5

    Valuable info.

    by Stephen Jackson
  3. Beautiful Chords (Finger Busters:)


    Thx Roni! Very cool sounds. This is the next stage past knowing all of your 7th chord inversions. It really does give you some colorful and tense sounding chords…especially on the guitar. I think there are several years of study in this course alone!!!

    by George Cole
  4. 5

    Very good lesson.Now I can see more clear the function of diminish chord and understand the movement of these diminished chords with borrowing notes from diminished to major and minor 6 chords.I think this one of the thinks what exactly Wes Montgomery is doing over his chord solos.Thank you Roni

    by Boris Sotirov
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