This Master Class was developed to apply the whole tone scale in many places, resulting in new modern sounds and sonic colors.  The Augmented tonality arrived a long time ago to Western music, but started heavily with Richard Wagner.  The augmented sound is the limit between tonality and atonality, in my opinion, and Classical music’s history has confirmed this.  The student will find new augmented licks, phrases,  scale positions, 2 line licks,  and how to use them in popular harmonies like Major and Minor Blues, standards and ii-V-I progressions.  Many years ago I began to notice that most improvisers don’t take full use of this marvelous scale, and at this time I started my investigations and own variations with it.  I hope that you enjoy this wonderful journey to the Augmented world.

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Augmented Tonality I - The Whole Tone Scale
Augmented Tonality I – The Whole Tone Scale 01:23:00

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