Sheryl Bailey continues her series for the beginning level jazz guitarist.  In this information-packed session, she will cover “Drop 2” voicings, extended 7th chords, chord soloing basics and comping.  Applications to the Blues will be included as well.

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Bailey's Boot Camp Basics - Part III
Bailey’s Boot Camp Basics – Part III 01:10:00

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    This is a really good look into drop 2’s and how to use them and from there starting down the road to learning chord tones and extensions. First how to develop your own voicing’s from the basic drop 2’s and then how they relate to songs. As a study really good for your ear and your knowledge of the fret board and harmony. Then as an added bonus Sheryl goes into diminished chord families and how to use them…very cool. Some really interesting and useful sounds. I’ve watched this class 7 or 8 times and I always come away inspired to go deeper into my chords. Thx

    ~ George Cole (May 9, 2013)

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