Randy uses “Beautiful Love” as the basis for another practical, hands-on class on a standard, with a wealth of information. He starts off with a solo rendition of the song. Then, he focuses on the melody, including demonstrating techniques for changing positions.

That is followed by a chord solo. Randy takes you step by step, discussing and showing alternate chord choices and explains the theory behind them. He helps simplify the half-diminished chord and shows choices for the i chord in a minor key.

Randy shows ideas for constructing solo lines. Chords and solos are covered in 3 positions.

Chord diagrams are included.

Running time: 1 hour

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Beautiful Love
Beautiful Love 00:57:00

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  1. Profile photo of Gy Moten

    Thanks for all your help and advice with showing us a pathway through this beautiful tune.


    Randy presents an easily playable, but harmonically challenging arrangement of Beautiful Love. Throughout the lesson he demonstrates a variety of Harmonic Textures by restructuring the original underlying harmony of the song. This was a big help in making several of the passages very playable on the guitar. What’s really great, is that Randy provides a methodology for analyzing the content, he breaks down his solo into logical, 8-bar sections, then specifically addresses what takes place over each chord. His method is instantly transferrable to other tunes.

    Randy, presents the jazz improviser with new avenues of expression via traditional forms of this standard tune. The power and depth of his compositions (chord melody) has been an inspiration to me both as an improviser and a guitarist. An added benefit is this tune, it introduced me to artist that I haven’t spent that much time with: Anita O’Day, Hank Jones and Kenny Barron. Plus musicians that I know very well – played great renditions of this tune: Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Bill Evans, etc.. I hope everyone will give Beautiful Love a try, you will not regret it.

    ~ Gy Moten (June 30, 2018)

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