The CAGED system is the answer to finding chords and scales anywhere on the fretboard. Using the five open
shapes C, A, G, E, and D, the guitarist can take the first step in playing any chord and soloing in each of the five
positions which cover the entire fretboard. In this lesson, which is a second part in a series on blues and
pentatonics, we are going to take a step-by-step approach to playing every position of the pentatonic scale in
every key. First, we assign scale degrees to the notes in the positions. Second, an in-depth discussion on
playing each of the five barre chord shapes and the general method behind finding where they are on the
fretboard. Next, is a discussion on how to play the scale and visualize it within the chord shape. Each of the
five positions is given a name which makes them easier to remember, along with tips on how to use each
position. We are also going to explore the five possibilities of changing between the three chords of the twelve
bar blues in the same position. If you’ve ever wondered how the CAGED system works and how to apply it,
this is the lesson for you.

7 pages of written materials including fretboard diagrams and TAB come with this class.

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Blues and Pentatonics - Part II
Blues and Pentatonics – Part II 01:02:00

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