“Blues and Pentatonics – Part I” – Pentatonic Box Possibilities – Major and Minor 12 Bar Blues – This lesson is aimed at the guitarist who is relatively new to improvisation (though others may benefit here as well).  The most basic 12 bar blues form has three primary chords:  the major 12 bar blues is I IV V, (the UPPERcase roman numerals means these are major chords) and the minor 12 bar blues is i, iv, v (the lowercase means these are minor chords.)  There are a number of scale options, the primary one being the minor pentatonic scale position, or simply “the box.”  Many approaches to this scale along with common other “start frets” for the box will be discussed, including: the “diatonic” approach, using appropriate major pentatonics over each chord, using appropriate minor pentatonics over each chord, suspended sounds which highlight the 9th and 11th, altered sounds for transitioning, and free chromatic connection.  In addition to the minor pentatonic, other scales and modes will be introduced, explained, and explored.  My method of “highlighting/aiming” for scale degrees is discussed in depth so that each new position will sound convincing from the first time you try it.  Common turnarounds will be discussed as well.  These ideas are basic and fundamental to improvisation.

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Blues and Pentatonics - Part I
Blues and Pentatonics – Part I 01:16:00

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