In an incredibly detailed 70 minute lesson, David brings you up to speed on chord progressions by presenting harmony principles taught in an introduction music theory class (roman numeral analysis, chord construction, etc) eventually presenting more advanced jazz scale choices and substitutions.  Dave takes you step by step through the process of understanding the function of each chord in a tune – 1.  Each chord is given a roman numeral based on its placement in the home key and any other key which the chord relates to.  2.  Possible extensions and substitutions (including tri-tone substitution, direct substitution, parallel substitution, chromatic fill-in, modal borrowing/interchange ) are noted directly below these.  Some re-harmonization concepts are presented later and applied to a selection of the tunes.  3.  Every chord is classified by its broader function (Tonic, Predominant, or Dominant).  4.  All of the scales which sound best for improvisation are then presented and Dave’s preferred scale and chord fingerings based on “mode zones” are shown along with advice on how to practice these.  Dave demonstrates all of these principles with seven standard jazz tunes, some based on modality and the others based on standard tonality.  Modal tunes used are “So What,” “All Blues,” and “Footprints.”  Standards used are “Autumn Leaves,” “All The Things You Are,” “Blue Bossa”, and “Honeysuckle Rose.”  References to what the jazz greats would do are presented whenever possible.  Anyone who gets  confused about which scale belongs to which type of chord should see this lesson.  Preparation needed:  Understanding of intervals, major and minor scales, and basic jazz chord construction; in other words, there will be lots of talk about “root, third, fifth, and sevenths.”  26 pages of material are prepared in TAB and standard notation.

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How to Harmonically Analyze a Tune
How to Harmonically Analyze a Tune 01:08:00

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