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For years I have been wondering myself with these marvelous chords made with clusters, chords that at least have one second minor or major between its intervals. You can use these chords for everything: chord melody, intros, endings, lines, composing original music, comping, etc.

You will need to open your hands a bit more than with regular voicings, and for this reason these chords are a very good technical exercise.

In this video lesson, you will learn also to listen these voicings when you listen to modern piano and guitar players as John Stowell, Bill Frisell, Jim Hall, Bill Carrothers and many others.

If you want to have a contemporary harmonic sound in your hands, you need these clusters for sure!

I hope you enjoy this clinic and also begin to investigate in this area.

Pdfs in TAB and Standard Notation are included with blues examples, lines, arpeggios and lots of new chords of course.

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Clusters! Sounds of B. Evans/H. Hancock in Your Hands
Clusters! Sounds of B. Evans/H. Hancock in Your Hands 01:01:00

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    Excellent class! This is a nice continuation of Juampy’s previous class on Modern Comping and clusters. The material is well laid out, well explained, and there are enough written examples to get you to understand the concepts.

    ~ james seaberry (February 23, 2015)

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