Pianists like Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock create amazing sounds by using clusters in their comping, arrangements and improvised passages. For most guitarists, these sounds may seem out of reach (literally!) because of the challenging stretches that it requires in the fretting hand. For some, the sounds may be just too difficult to figure out by ear.

Are the sounds really too difficult?
Are they too complicated?

Maybe you just didn’t have an experienced guide to help you!

This master class by Juampy Juarez brings together these captivating voicings in a step by step way. Even if you haven’t tried these before, this master class may be the key to you sounding more modern. Juampy will show you:

How to play clusters on major, minor, dominant, minor7b5 chord types
How to relate these new sounds to familiar chord shapes (voicing note choices are explained so that you understand what you’re playing)
How to combine the voicings in a Bb blues, II-V-Is and jazz standards like Autumn Leaves, Wave, The Days of Wine and Roses & Stella By Starlight
Practical ways to visualise, understand and apply these voicings into your playing
How to use clusters systematically to create beautiful dissonances in your comping, lines and fills
Juampy’s personal guitaristic take on playing clusters (you will be surprised how easy it is to visualise and play some of these clusters once you see Juampy’s approach!)
How to use the voicings in your own chord melody arrangements to create richer contemporary sounds and textures

Develop your modern pianistic jazz guitar sound today and level up your voicing vocabulary!. This is your first step to sounding like John Stowell, Bill Frisell, Jim Hall and Bill Carrothers. This will be a master class video that you really maximize even in the first viewing. With repeated study, you can even more ideas via the performance examples too!

This 2015 master class has now been enhanced with segmented video chapters to help you quickly go to your favorite sections over and over. In addition to the segmented videos, the newly Soundsliced enhanced notated examples provides BONUS examples that go beyond the material already covered in the video, including harmonic minor and melodic minor cluster voicings. For more advanced guitarists, Juampy has also included some challenging clusters for you to try.

Get these beautiful clusters in your playing now for your contemporary harmonic palette!

6 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation and tablature.
Full video is 1 hour and 1 mins.

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Clusters! Sounds of B. Evans/H. Hancock in Your Hands 01:01:00
Introducing Clusters
1 Opening Performance – The Days of Wine and Roses 00:03:13
2 Introducing Diatonic Clusters in G Major on 4-3-2 String Set 00:04:25
3 Autumn Leaves 00:00:44
Exploring Different String Sets
4 Diatonic Clusters in G Major on 3-2-1 String Set 00:02:50
5 Diatonic Clusters in G Major on 5-4-3 String Set 00:02:59
6 The Three Inversions Together 00:01:29
7 Application on Autumn Leaves 00:01:03
8 Diatonic Clusters in G Major on 6-5-4 String Set 00:02:13
9 Application as Intro for Autumn Leaves 00:01:45
Dominant Chord Clusters
10 Altered Sounds 00:02:27
11 Dominant Clusters in Bb Blues 00:05:25
12 Application on Bb Blues 00:01:03
13 Application on Bb Blues Continued 00:03:18
Creative Variations
14 Adding Open Strings to Clusters for Bb Blues 00:02:40
15 Simple Two Note Cluster Sounds on II V I in C 00:02:33
16 Voiceleading Ideas and Application on Wave 00:04:14
17 Another Cool Movement 00:01:31
18 minor Clusters 00:04:47
Application Examples
19 Application and The Days of Wine and Roses Chord Melody 00:09:15
20 Closing Thoughts and Performance – Stella By Starlight 00:03:58

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  1. 5

    Excellent class! This is a nice continuation of Juampy’s previous class on Modern Comping and clusters. The material is well laid out, well explained, and there are enough written examples to get you to understand the concepts.

    by james Seaberry
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