John Stowell and Steve Herberman are back together again giving you an in-depth look at comping and self-comping techniques over the Cole Porter classic tune Love For Sale. The class features two recorded play-along for you to solo and comp over. You’ll have the opportunity to solo over their comping and then you can comp over their single note choruses.

The class begins with solo performances and then quickly dives into these important universal concepts to be used over any song:

  • Awareness of the top note (soprano voice) while comping
  • Walkdowns and walkups as comping between solo lines
  • Chromatic approaches with chords
  • Implying V7 substitutions over the current chord
  • Comping in a duo or larger group
  • Referencing bass lines in a solo guitar context
  • Using tonic diminished harmony as a chord sub
  • One of Jimmy Wyble’s favorite concepts of breaking up a chord into double stops that often overlap.
  • Being an active listener while reviewing recordings
  • Making sure your comping has good melodic content and flow
  • Holding a soprano voice and steering around inner lines or bass line
  • Call and response techniques
  • Using both long and short lines and fitting in comping around them
  • The balance between legato and staccato chords in comping and chord soloing
  • Divided (spread) voicings with essential tones as its lowest foundation
  • Self-assessment (recording yourself)
  • Metronome practice techniques to develop stronger time
  • Approaches to learning new chord voicings
  • Playing what you hear, quoting other tunes, and more

Running time: 73 minutes

Included are PDFs of a Love For Sale lead sheet and alternate changes used by John and Steve.

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Comping & Self Comping While Soloing full class + download 01:13:00

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