In this class, John and Juan begin with some embellishments and triads derived from the Dorian mode played over a single minor chord. They then reference/demonstrate additional harmony that can be applied in a modal context. Some of the harmony covered is: major triads, melodic minor, implied V chords, the use of tension and release, and simple progressions/turnarounds superimposed over a single minor chord.

Sub-topic 1 – Chord voicings as templates for single-line playing.
Sub-topic 2 – Open string voicings
Sub-topic 3 – Specific tension/release strategies.


  • Chord Voicings
  • Harmony
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Soloing
  • Advanced

Duration: 43 Minute 28 Seconds

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Full Class + Download
Concepts for Modal Playing with John Stowell and Juan Dhas, Part 1 – Full Class + Download 00:43:28

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