Looking for an in-depth course covering new vocabulary available for playing over a major chord? Included are harmony references: Lydian, Lydian #9, and augmented-major chords.

John and Juan use the bridge to “Little Sunflower” to demonstrate extensions of basic diatonic harmony in the keys of Eb and D major. In addition to modes of the melodic and harmonic minor that reference harmonic information for major chords, chord inversions and voice-leading are also demonstrated.

Part 1:

Sub-topic 1: Implied V chords
Sub-topic 2: The use of chord inversions and shapes as templates for generating single-line solo ideas.
Sub-topic 3: Comping strategies and voice leading ideas.


  • Chord Voicings
  • Harmony
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Soloing
  • Theory


  • Advanced
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Modal Playing Strategies, Part 2 | John Stowell & Juan Dhas FULL CLASS + DOWNLOAD 00:48:00

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