By taking the class and practicing the ideas presented, the student will be able to…
Better understand odd meter subdivisions and ways to phrase over the bar line in any meter.

In this new class, John and Micky demonstrate subdivisions of odd meters (5/4,7/4,7/8,9/8, etc) and how to apply these meters to any song. Micky uses Macedonian folks melodies and a standard to demonstrate how he subdivides 7/8 and 9/8, and John plays several standards in 5/4 and 7/4 to discuss his concept of phrasing in those meters. John and Micky also demonstrate playing over the bar line to interpret odd meters more freely in soling and interpretation of melodies.

Sub-topic 1: Voice leading in odd meter time signatures.
Sub-topic 2: Different ways to subdivide phrases in odd meters
Sub-topic 3: Benefits of odd meters to create phrases over the bar line in any time signature.


  • Chord Voicings
  • Mindfulness
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Rhythm
  • Theory

Level: Advanced

Duration: 56 Minutes

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Odd Meter Strategies with John Stowell and Micky Lee Full Class + Download 00:56:00

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  1. odd meter strategies


    GREAT class!!!! I was not very familiar with Micky Lee, but after having this class, I am a believer. I have tried lots of ways in the past to get comfortable with odd meters and subdivisions, but this class broke things down into understandable ways that make me now feel much more comfortable with it. Off to practice in 11!!!

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