Professor Sher presents his concept called Fretboard Harmony: a study of the intervallic relationships on the guitar neck and how thy can enable you to see and move effortlessly around the neck. Through this concept you’ll be able to move beyond horizontal fingering patterns and travel vertically from bottom of the neck to the top.
In this first lesson Professor Sher introduces the basic concept, and then shows how to apply the concept to some fundamental skills including arpeggios, blues and  major scales. He the continues with some melodic examples of how to create lines that travel through different registers.
There’s ideas for
  • blues,
  • jazz-blues and
  • flowing  be-bop lines in the style of Pat Martino.

It’s an eye-opening lesson for whatever level or style you are at! 

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Fretboard Harmony with Ben Sher – Full Class + Download 00:28:05

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  1. Great way to break out of position playing.


    Good class on fretboard navigation! Thank you for using a guitar with fret markers.

    One friendly tip to vastly improve the usefulness of your video lesson (without buying any new equipment): Reposition your camera to get close-up shots of your fretboard.
    This is especially important when you don’t supply a companion PDF of your lesson. As a paying student, all I need to see is the fretboard, your hands, and hear your voice. You can still do an intro video with wide portrait framing but after that its all about that fretboard.
    I hope you can do this on your next one. Lastly, please give us at least one VERY slow demo of each exercise. This was especially crucial in the second half of the lesson when you started demoing scales. Playing a scale exercise at full speed in an instructional video is not helpful. The half-speed feature for playback can only go so far and it doesn’t remove motion blur.

    by Louis Bravo
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