This class on “Giant Steps” provides a comprehensive study into this elusive jazz classic by John Coltrane.

With unique clarity, Jay moves through this master class at a relaxed pace giving ample time to grasp each concept.

For example, understanding the intervallic structure of the melody allows one to create on the fly with confidence.  In the solo section, Jay demonstrates his key to unlocking the Coltrane Matrix, often talking in artistic terms such as primary colors and impressionism.

Many jazz tips are thrown into the mix throughout this master class making this a great learning opportunity.  For example, if you learn one tune really well, you will advance your musicianship to another level and take that expertise and expectation to every tune you play.

No longer will you tremble when someone calls Giant Steps on a gig.  You’ll simply nod your head and say, no problem!

Class Includes:

  • General Form
  • Melody Considerations
  • Walking Bass
  • Comping Options
  • Chord Melody
  • Soloing Approach
  • 9 pages of written materials in standard notation and in TAB
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Class Content

Giant Steps
Giant Steps 01:24:00

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  1. Profile photo of Blair Hunter


    An excellent lesson. It has added complete clarity to this tune which has perplexed me for years. Good approach from Jay bringing the simplification required to grasp the concepts through a variety of learning tools he presents such as basic examination of the structure and many examples of walking bass variations, comping, lead lines, etc. The written material is clear and concise. Thanks. Blair.

    ~ Blair Hunter (May 21, 2014)

  2. Profile photo of John Horne


    Lots of good info on Jay’s approach. Some concepts were fairly basic and familiar while others were new to me – I’m excited to start practicing those ideas. I only knocked a star off my rating because I would have appreciated some written materials to accompany the video.

    ~ John Horne (April 4, 2014)

  3. Profile photo of Fulvio Garrione


    Incredibile jay. Another great lesson ,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!,!
    Thank you for a lot informati in to give us.

    ~ Fulvio Garrione (March 26, 2014)

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