This Master Class demonstrates Jay’s unique approach to soloing through the classic ii, V7, I chord progression. This class takes a global approach to improvisation, choosing to deal with concepts rather than overly detailed explanations. Working in the key of G Major, Jay shows how easy it is to improvise with confidence over this all-­‐important progression. This class will bump up your improvisational skill over night!

  • Intervallic concepts
  • Key center concept
  • Simplicity vs, complexity
  • Using 4ths
  • Gravitational concepts
  • Stacking arpeggios
  • Ignoring the ii, V7 part of the progression
  • Chromaticism

Course Curriculum

Soloing Over Major ii, V7, I Progressions 01:13:00

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  1. Profile photo of james Seaberry

    Jay Umble II-V-I Masterclass


    First of all, Jay Umble is a name that should be as well known as any in the jazz world. not only is he an open and approachable guy, he is a first-rate musician and teacher. His prior classes and written books are all outstanding. This class is no exception. There is an endless amount of information on the Net about II-V-I approaches by Experts and “experts”, all promising a “new” and “novel” way, but Jay’s ideas here are ones I can truly say are different and personal. This class, just over an hour of jam-packed info is totally accessible to those of you with modest or growing abilities as well as for those looking to get more jazz influences in their playing coming from other areas. Jay plays all examples over a backing track, giving context to everything, and sets out a simple approach of getting to G Major from A Minor not by fancy scales or convoluted theory, but by simple hand position shifting! This makes all kinds of Altered or “outside” ideas quite simple. That’s the basis from which countless ideas flow. Great, great class, and highly recommended for those who are not yet pros but would not mind getting there. Good camera work, great organization, great content.

    ~ james seaberry (March 8, 2018)

  2. Profile photo of Je Ou



    I make a rule not to write a review because I am not good at both of playing and writing. After this class I am pretty sure I can sound over 2.5.1 without thinking too much. Anyway he has got the system and so do I. Thanks.

    ~ Je Ou (February 28, 2018)

  3. Profile photo of marco giussani

    Recommended exposure


    Although Jay’s original concepts are not necessarily introduced in methodic order and written examples are not always reflecting note for note what’s being played, exposure to Jay’s visual and sonic elegant flowing phrasing is a must, and will make you play better just after 20 minutes.

    ~ marco giussani (February 21, 2018)

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