Watching the greats like Jim Hall and Joe Pass comp on standards is like watching a masterclass. Their choice of tasteful voicings and embellished harmonic choices add a touch of class to the performance. The only challenge is actually being able to catch every detail of their playing. The difficulty is in hearing and understanding their harmonic choices especially when the voicings are buried in the audio recording or when those YouTube video shots are too far away from their fretboard!

Worry no more! In this latest masterclass by jazz guitar master Jay Umble, you will discover how he approaches two classic compositions, Out of Nowhere and Solar. Jay shares how he combines, uses and artfully connects various voicing types including chromatic embellishments, standard jazz voicings, quartal harmony and tasteful intervallic voicings. Shot with close ups to help the aspiring jazz comper, you will be able to see how Jay plays these chords in detail.

The difference between this masterclass and a typical jazz chords class is that this is all about application. You will not only be able to play the voicings, but you will also understand the logic behind the choices & how he makes these beautiful choices.

In these two jazz standards, Jay shows how to move beyond the basic chord
changes. Concepts explored include:

  • quartal harmony
  • polarity
  • pedal tones
  • contrary motion
  • modern chord systems
  • two note voicings
  • and more!

You get 3 choruses of comping voicings for each of the tunes!

Voiceleading and taste guide Jay’s comping. You’ll not only be able to use these voicings the next time you play the tunes but also have a practical “jazz chord licks” palette for your next performance or jam session. Your newly acquired vocabulary will work on many similar tunes!

Everything is demonstrated slowly and explained clearly by our patient and detail oriented master. You will be able to get these under your fingers. It’s almost like being in a room with Jay and him showing you these in person.

In addition to the close-up video shots & explanations, you will be able to follow the example using the accompanying PDF handouts with chord diagrams clearly notated for your study.

If you’ve ever:

  • had any problems getting your comping skills together,
  • been stuck playing the same Drop-2 and shell voicings every time you play standards,
  • had problems connecting chord voicings from one to the other,

…this is the masterclass for you!

  • 9 Pages of PDF materials in chord diagrams.
  • Full video is 1 hour 15 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Full Class + Download 01:15:49
Out of Nowhere - Chorus 1
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Bars 1 to 4 00:04:53
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Bars 5 to 12 00:03:05
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Bars 13 to 16 00:03:43
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Bars 17 to 24 00:04:10
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Bars 25 to 32 00:04:25
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 1 – Full Demo 00:01:13
Out of Nowhere - Chorus 2
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 2 – Bars 1 to 8 00:04:21
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 2 – Bars 9 to 16 00:03:26
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 2 – Bars 17 to 24 00:03:24
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 2 – Bars 25 to 32 00:04:03
Out of Nowhere - Chorus 3
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 3 – Bars 1 to 8 00:04:09
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 3 – Bars 9 to 16 00:02:53
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 3 – Bars 17 to 24 00:02:39
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 3 – Bars 25 to 32 00:02:46
Out of Nowhere – Chorus 3 – Full Demo 00:01:11
Solar – Chorus 1 00:05:43
Solar – Chorus 2 00:14:47
Solar – Chorus 3 00:02:47
Outro Performance
Outro Performance – Out of Nowhere 00:02:27

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