In this second Baroque class, practical progressions are used to focus on playing three-part harmony on the guitar in a classical style.

V-I and IV-V-I cadences are a hallmark of the Baroque period, all of classical music, and music in general.

The exercises contained in this class utilize some of the most important concepts in multi-line playing.

Pedal points throughout all three voices are heavily represented in the exercises. Important cycles are covered; cycle 4 and cycle 6 using both diatonic target chords and non-diatonic targets.

8th note lines are distributed among the three voices and chord voicings specific to Baroque counterpoint on the guitar are featured throughout the exercises.

Both closed voicings and open voicings are utilized, the latter yielding a very full sound, with great separation between bass and upper voices. There is an emphasis on the very important use of secondary dominants, adding a very colorful sound to the examples.

Working with the exercises in this class, the guitarist will ideally use his/her mind and fingers to trace the three moving voices while building up valuable dexterity and finger memory.

Through detailed harmonic/melodic study, diligent practice and original exercises written by the student, it’s possible for guitarists to eventually be able to do what the Baroque masters were so accomplished at: improvising counterpoint!

  • Running time: 70 minutes
  • 12 pages of written material in PDF format in standard notation and TAB
  • Soundslice enhanced examples!

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Going for Baroque Pt. II: Three-Voice Counterpoint 01:09:54
Section I
Introduction 00:04:26
Three Part Studies – Ex 1 00:05:16
Three Part Studies – Ex 1a and 2 00:03:27
Three Part Studies – Ex 2a 3 and 3a 00:04:25
Three Part Studies – Ex 4 00:01:49
Three Part Studies – Ex 5 6 and 6a 00:04:01
Section II
Example 7, 7a 00:04:33
Three Part Studies – Ex 8 and 8a 00:04:47
Three Part Studies – Ex 9 9a and 10 00:03:55
Three Part Studies – Ex10a 00:03:14
Section III
Three Part Studies – Ex 11 and 11a 00:04:50
Three Part Studies – Ex11b and 11c 00:04:41
Three Part Studies – Ex12a and 12b 00:06:22
Three Part Studies – Ex13 and 13a 00:07:47
Three Part Studies – Ex 14 and 15 00:02:34
Conclusion and Closing Performance 00:03:42
Example 4 Soundsliced 00:00:20
Example 10a Soundsliced 00:00:44
All Example Available for Practicing 00:15:00

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