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The Harp Harmonics extended technique:

Years ago I recorded a video clinic for MMC about Harp Harmonics. However, this clinic is quite different. This time I’m trying to adapt this marvelous device to regular playing, I mean for improvising, comping and obviously for composing. I know that my goal is very ambitious but I will not stop with Harp Harmonics and harmonics in general. The guitar has a bigger range and of course a change of tone. The difficult thing is if you use a pick, to hide this between your fingers as  I explain in the video. Using Harps, you can play just harmonics or regular notes with harmonics at the same time, including a lower harmonic or higher than the regular note. Also you can play chords with bass and natural harmonics a la Ralph Towner or harps a la Lenny Breau or Ted Greene. You can create original intros, endings, chord melodies, chord sequences , phrases and licks, all with Harp Harmonics.

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I did creating this class.

Juampy Juarez



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Harp Harmonics 00:54:00

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    Once again, Juampy has put out a masterpiece. there is a lot of great information here, and he takes the technique into higher and further areas than other learning material. Highly recommended.

    ~ james seaberry (November 30, 2017)

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