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In this new video lesson for mikesmasterclasses.com, I show you my new harmonic ideas based on clusters(chords with at least one 2nd )with a melodic and harmonic minor, and also harmonic major scales.

I believe that thinking in tonality is better than in isolated chords. It means, by example, that when the song “So what” by Miles Davis says D-7, we have to think in D Dorian. In this way, you go beyond D-7 inversions, and you can create new harmonic structures like quartal triads with bass pedal, clusters, and more.

For this class, I teach you lots of II V I with clusters but based on the scales that I mentioned.
And also the way to use it, not only for comping, if not for auto-comping, chord melody, and more. You can compose with these chords, or make intros, arrangements.

Clusters are essential in the modern jazz vocabulary.

You will start to understand better the sound of a modern piano. Also, your technique will improve, because you have to make stretches for these chords. Bill Evans and then H. Hancock started using this material, on guitar Holdsworth and my friend John Stowell, some Jim Hall.

Originally, these sound were developed by Debussy, Ravel, and Satie, french composers from the late XIX century.

Hope you enjoyed my new lesson,
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Juampy Juarez
July 2021

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II VI WITH ONLY ONE SHAPE CHORDS: Melodic Minor/Harmonic Minor/Harmonic Major scales – Full Class + Download 00:59:33

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