Playing inside and outside have many options, but basically the improviser plays with consonances and dissonances within their solos.

This way of improvisation started in the ’60s with Coltrane, Evans , Shorter, Hancock , Dolphy and Coleman.

On guitar, Martino and some years after him, already in the ’70s Holdsworth and Mc Laughlin figured out how to sound as Coltrane on the guitar, then Metheny and a bit late Frisell created their own new jazz guitar schools for ever.
Playing in and out have many options, but basically the improviser plays with consonances and dissonances along his/her solo. In this clinic we covered some ideas about it.

Primary, when you change one important thing, slowly everything will change.
Improvisation changed so harmony too, becoming more modal, with more space and less chords.

We can name this music Modal Jazz.

Fusion is, harmonically speaking, Modal Jazz with a different orchestration and other rhythms.

So if you learn to play inside outside Jazz Improv, you are in the same path to improvise in Fusion music.

Some elements that belongs to modern Jazz Improv are long intervals, more than one idea per chord, arpeggios, triads or quartal triads that represents scales, straight eights instead swing, and talking about comping, it will be more like a counterpoint or a dialogue with the soloist.

The most used scale in Jazz Improv is the Melodic Minor, then Harmonic Minor. We covered some ideas with these ones and some others with Harmonic Major and Whole Tone scale.

Good luck and remember transcribe the masters.Also play with others musicians these ideas the most that you can is a must.

Stay safe,

Juampy Juarez
December 2020

PDFs Included:

  • Coltrane’s pattern
  • Harmonic major modes
  • Inside outside improv speech
  • Major triads Diminished scale
  • Major triads Harmonic minor scale
  • Major triads Melodic minor
  • Minor maj7 mix with originals pdf
  • Patterns
  • Phrases #1 minor chords
  • Phrases #2 dominants
  • Phrases #3 maj7 chords
  • Phrases #4 Half diminished and Diminished chords
  • the minor major 7 arpeggio pdf
  • The sym aug scale phrases
  • whole tone scale and chromatic notes

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