Join Frank for this very special Master Class designed to give all levels of players the basis of individual style and ” feel “. There should be a lot of interaction on this class so don’t miss it !

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Interpretation and Musicality for Guitarists
Interpretation and Musicality for Guitarists 01:30:00

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    This class will help you deveolp the phasing and feel to make your playing more musical. Frank is very responsive to questions, and the video quality of the download is good. Have your Real Book handy, as Frank uses standards to illustrate his points, and you can play along with "Cherokee" and "There Will Never Be Another You" to get a feel for how this master interprets them.

    ~ Steve Walker (November 19, 2007)

  2. Profile photo of Dave Williams


    If you’re interested in the "artistry" of guitar playing, this class is a winner. It’s one thing to learn the technical aspects of playing, and we all have to do that. But the ability to interpret music and to add those all to often missing elements of "taste" or "feeling" is another dimension. Frank does a great job of explaining and demonstrating what it’s all about. Great class with a lot of good interplay with students on line.

    Dave Williams

    ~ Dave Williams (October 26, 2007)

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