Bollenback takes an in-depth look at intros and endings, how to set up the tone and tempo of a tune, how to use conventional and unconventional devices to frame the front and back of a composition. Techniques include the use of Vamps, Tags, Rubato, De-construction of tunes, as well as a look at the many standard intros and endings used in common performance practice. Also get a peek at some of the more adventuresome concepts that can help make your approach unique.

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Introductions and Endings
Introductions and Endings 01:37:00

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    Paul really opens up on this topic and gives a lot of harmonic material. He gives some standard intro and endings which everyone should know and then expands on some alternate ways of doing things which really opens it up to your creativity. I will watch this class several times to digest the materials.

    ~ George Cole (December 15, 2007)

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