Those who attended Sheryl’s first couple classes are looking forward to another idea-packed session! Sheryl will demonstrate exploring creating melodies from chord structures – aka: approach tones.

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Melodic Embellishment
Melodic Embellishment 01:20:00

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  1. 2

    I loved her bebop flow lesson but I’m very disappointed with this one.

    I clearly see the benefits of practicing what she shows, but the studies are very hard sounding. I do not find them musical, it is a continuous flow… Good exercise, but if I practice this my neighbors will go crazy first, 30 minutes later I will go mad. The concepts are interesting and clearly explained, but the video lacks how to apply them musically, which for me is the most important thing.

    I skipped the examples and I will hardly come back on this lesson.

    Add to this a poor image and a not very good audio.

    by youness toualbia
  2. 5

    Just love this approach. Practicing the embellishments demonstrated opens up a world of options when soloing and gives the improvisation a sence of motion.

    by Ray Bartlet
  3. 5

    Yesterday I watched your Mike’s Master Class on embellished chord tones. It’s definitely the most insightful discussion of this topic I’ve seen, and your demonstrations really make the concepts come alive. The point that jazz is more about embellished chord tones than chord scales is such a key concept, and it’s really lacking in a lot of formal music programs. Even looking at a transcription from the standpoint of chord tone and approach notes instead of just mapping to chord scales will lead to much different conclusions. Thanks for the fine class.

  4. 5

    This lesson has added so much to my playing and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of all the possibilities it offers. Once you start practicing the embellishments Sheryl discusses you start hearing sounds the greats using in there lines. You don’t learn lines you learn how to create your own lines that sound like classic Jazz.

    by Steve Barnette
  5. 5

    Gifted teacher, indeed! This lesson was a revelation to me! Excellent lesson and very clear explanation, and a method for years of core jazz training, and maybe the best ear training method too. Best buy!

    by Torkill Bruland
  6. 5

    this lesson is a wonderful warm up training with a classical tune "Autamn Leaves" for Beginner to experienced player. i like these approach or targeting what we say. real good traiing^^. every Berklee students doing this. ha!

    by Motohiko Sato
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