The Melodic Minor scale, often called minor jazz scale, is one of the most  used and played scales in jazz.  But not everybody knows his modes and his chords, many of them already in many jazz standards.

The modes of this scale will get a new sound, inspiring and modern to your improvisations’ palette.

Immediately after you begin to play this scale in a melodic way, not only to create tension over dominant 7 chords, you begin to recognize many phrases and licks from the jazz masters, players like Pat Martino, John Scofield, John Coltrane, John Stowell, John Abercrombie and many more.

If you want to begin to sound modern and understand post-bebop, this clinic will help you a lot.  Linear ideas, chords, new concepts and explanations over blues, standards and simple chord vamps will show you the way to learn the melodic minor modes in their whole extension.

We start here to listen and think in tonality, not scales or chords divorced from each other.

Juampy Juarez

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Melodic Minor Modes
Melodic Minor Modes 01:20:00

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