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Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series

Modern Jazz Guitar Part 2, Melody, covers:

  • in-depth analysis of modern jazz guitar single-note soloing techniques
  • examination of a standard chord progression (chord changes from “All the Things You Are”) and brief overview of basic chord/scale analysis techniques and common substitute sounds
  • practical 2-notes-per-string arpeggio fingerings for increased range when outlining chord tones and substitute sounds
  • use of three-part-4th or suspended triad structures for generating new melodic material, with exercises for gaining fluency
  • use of four-part-4th or 7sus4 chord structures for generating new melodic material, with exercises for gaining fluency
  • other multiple interval structures, with exercises applied to major, melodic minor, and diminished scales, plus ideas for generating your own licks and patterns from the material
  • arpeggio and melodic patterns using odd-numbered groupings of notes, with exercises for gaining fluency taken diatonically through the major scale
  • examples of triad pairs and discussion of uses
  • in-depth exploration of the augmented scale, including scale fingerings and intervallic patterns for gaining fluency
  • discussion of three-note and four-note chords contained within the augmented scale with examples of licks generated from these structures, as well as ideas for generating your own material
  • in-depth discussion of the harmonic major scale, with examples of the basic harmonies with their upper extensions and the harmonies they create
  • multiple exercises that take material from previous examples and convert them to harmonic major, with ideas and suggestions for musical application
  • discussion of pentatonic scales, including major, minor (1,2,b3,5,6), and pentatonic b6, with suggestions for ways to use them
  • multiple etudes using “All the Things” chord changes that demonstrate the musical application of all the material discussed
  • examples of licks and patterns in the style of several modern jazz guitarists including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg, Ben Monder, and John Stowell
  • backing MP3 play-along tracks used in the video for all examples and etudes available for free download at www.tomlippincott.com
  • running time: 119 minutes
  • includes 28 pages of written examples and exercises

Class Content

Modern Jazz Guitar - Part II
Modern Jazz Guitar – Part II 01:59:00
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