Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series

Modern Jazz Guitar Part 2, Melody, covers:

  • in-depth analysis of modern jazz guitar single-note soloing techniques
  • examination of a standard chord progression (chord changes from “All the Things You Are”) and brief overview of basic chord/scale analysis techniques and common substitute sounds
  • practical 2-notes-per-string arpeggio fingerings for increased range when outlining chord tones and substitute sounds
  • use of three-part-4th or suspended triad structures for generating new melodic material, with exercises for gaining fluency
  • use of four-part-4th or 7sus4 chord structures for generating new melodic material, with exercises for gaining fluency
  • other multiple interval structures, with exercises applied to major, melodic minor, and diminished scales, plus ideas for generating your own licks and patterns from the material
  • arpeggio and melodic patterns using odd-numbered groupings of notes, with exercises for gaining fluency taken diatonically through the major scale
  • examples of triad pairs and discussion of uses
  • in-depth exploration of the augmented scale, including scale fingerings and intervallic patterns for gaining fluency
  • discussion of three-note and four-note chords contained within the augmented scale with examples of licks generated from these structures, as well as ideas for generating your own material
  • in-depth discussion of the harmonic major scale, with examples of the basic harmonies with their upper extensions and the harmonies they create
  • multiple exercises that take material from previous examples and convert them to harmonic major, with ideas and suggestions for musical application
  • discussion of pentatonic scales, including major, minor (1,2,b3,5,6), and pentatonic b6, with suggestions for ways to use them
  • multiple etudes using “All the Things” chord changes that demonstrate the musical application of all the material discussed
  • examples of licks and patterns in the style of several modern jazz guitarists including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg, Ben Monder, and John Stowell
  • backing MP3 play-along tracks used in the video for all examples and etudes included
  • running time: 119 minutes
  • includes 28 pages of written examples and exercises

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Class Content

Modern Jazz Guitar - Part II
Modern Jazz Guitar – Part II 01:59:00

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  1. 5

    Tom is one of the finest educators/guitarists going. His courses are pure gold and offer a lifetimes worth of study. What an absolute treasure trove…. these lessons are just awesome. The care taken in assembling the copious supplemental material is the icing on the cake. For a self-directed, motivated learner – these lessons are the equivalent of a first class music school education. But there is no hand-holding here: put in the time and you’ll get results. But if you’re unwilling to do that, don’t waste your time. This is serious knowledge for tbe serious student.

  2. 5

    After finishing the jazz harmony series i started with this series and i have to say that this series is a must. Tom works clear and systematic. All players would benefit from these classes. I thought i had knowledge, i thought i could play, boy was i wrong. The Jazz guitar harmony and modern series both have helpd me immproved far beyond i could have expected. Tom doesnt do magic! but he has changed the way i approuch things and how i look at my freatboard. This specific class i had fun with. The arpeggios, the 4 part 4 triads etc. are an amazing addition to my vocabulary. I didnt know what to do with the Augmented and the Harmonic major, these parts where not enough for me due to me not having any knowledge of them. I skipped the last 2 pages but i really loved the sound of both so ill be looking in to both much more, maybe do the Harmonic major class Tom has.

    On a side note:
    My former teacher would have split 1 class of tom in 15 or more lessons at a??30,- each. Here you get so much for so little. So yes its a quite dry video and to the point, but you dont want it any other way. I need it to be systematic and to the point.

  3. 5

    You´ll find this class very useful.

    All the information presented is well organized and explained. Every concept goes with an example, letting you know how it is used in a real context.

    What I´d like most, is that you´ll understand how the moder players think, so you´ll be able to generate your own ideas and licks, creating your own identifiable sound. Highly Recommend.

  4. 5

    Hello Tom,

    I chose your lesson over the other Masters because I appreciated you making the melodic minor PDF file available. Once I understood that there were no tunes in melodic or jazz minor, I realized why I would choose to use these sounds. Thank you for that.

    I chose II over your intro class because I have been working with shell voicings. However, the "Jim Hall 1" mp3 (on your Odds & Ends page) sounds so good I made a note to go back and take your MJ I class in the future.

    For feedback on MJG II, I just audited the entire class (took about 3 hours total) and WOW was that a lot of ammo! I thought you presented the work and examples well; the video editing matched your words to what I was seeing on the PDF file – that alone was a good experience. As a full time worker, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to just plow through (initially) a sophisticated class, but it was well worth it. I had no problems watching your guitar (as was mentioned in the feedback on MMC/MJG I page). Honestly i was thirsting for an explanation of what the new guys are doing, and now I’m happy to come away with several etudes, and I’ve found some hip exercises. Really impressive class. Thank you so much.

    The 2 notes per string arps were very energizing for me. I am excited about these positive and real changes showing up in my playing.


    Ted Douglas
    Northern California

    PS Amazing job codifying all these new sounds approaches and techniques. Wow.

  5. 5

    Tom explains everything in detail, leaves nothing out. Super well organized. AWESOME! Thank you so much!!

  6. 3

    Sorry Tom, but this was poorly recorded. Poor video and can hardly hear the audio. Also, too many assumptions. I am finding these classes are interesting however, incomplete. There should be absolutely no assumptions on my previous knowledge of chord inversions and scales etc.. This is what you are here for. Do not leave nothing out. Much has been left out, assuming that I am supposed to know this or that. sorry Tom.

  7. 5

    Well-structured, detailed course with many inspiring examples. Lots of material to chew on, including many concepts I hadn’t seen covered in any other guitar instructional videos. I recommend it!

  8. 5

    These classes are loaded with useful concepts that can open up new doors in a musicians development.

  9. 5

    Tom si a perfect teachers . Very clear, fresh , amazing, for Who wants to learn a new jazz ideas…. Hi from Italy, your new friend
    Fulvio. Great Tom

  10. 5

    i have continued to be inspired by the modern sound and Tom’s classes really show how to approach a modern sound in a way that is easy to grasp. he explains things very clearly and his approach to learning the material does not over complicate, making achieving a modern sound very graspable. thank you Tom for another fantastic class!

  11. 5

    This masterclass is the best $30 I’ve ever spent. Very interesting concepts laid out here which shed light on the vocabulary of some of the most creative guitarists today. Tom explains everything in a clear and concise way and has clearly done his homework to ensure a quality product. I will most definatley be ordering the following classes.

  12. 5

    …very inspiring class with indepth material!

  13. 5

    I am completely satisfied with this course Tom has presented. It is has taken me to the next plateau. There is an incredible amount of detail and many secrets of the hip modern sounds are explained. I was quickly able to add many new ideas to my fingerstyle and combo lead playing. I look forward to taking the next course, but will need some serious woodshed time at this level before proceeding. Highly recommended. Regards, Blair Hunter, May 27, 2013.

  14. 5

    Tom is a very organized teacher and delivers a complex subject matter in an easy to understand style.
    I’ve been looking for this kind of material!
    That’s how they get that sound!
    I also learned some "basics" that somehow eluded me for years.
    If you’re bored with playing changes and want to expand your harmonic palette this is for you.

  15. 5

    One of the absolute best instructional videos I’ve ever seen. Tom lays it all out for you in an easy to understand way. He’s a fantastic teacher. I was immediately able to put some of these modern concepts into my playing. There is an amazing amount of material here and it’s all great. I’m so glad I downloaded this class. Well worth the money!!!

  16. 5

    If you’re looking to get some modern sounds into your playing, then this video is for you. Kreisberg, Rosenwinkel, Rogers — Modern Jazz Guitar 2 holds nothing back!

    The best part is that Tom explains it all in very manageable, easy-to-visualize terms. You could be using some of these hip ideas on the bandstand tonight!

  17. 5

    Dit is werkelijk een fantastische serie,ik heb massa’s boeken maar kon nergens de informatie vinden waar Rosenwinkel,Moreno,Kreisberg e.a hun improvisatietaal vandaan halen.In dit volume zijn er minder transcripties maar des te meer info waar je maanden zoniet jaren zoet mee bent.
    Bedankt Tom!

  18. 5

    I have already described how terrific Tom’s approach and knowledge are; no need to repeat it. Let me say that this class is absolutely amazing. There is so much for the intermediate/advanced guitarist to work on here, but every little bit is taken directly from the modern players that we "oooh" and "ahhhh" over; I’m on my way there!!! Thanks, Tom!!!

  19. 5

    This is a fantastic series. There are many instructional videos over the years. But very few focuses on modern jazz. I love the way the materials are presented. Every concept is thoroughly explained in a clear, concise manner. The best part of the class is Tom actually shows you how some of the moderns players (Kreisberg, Rosenwinke..etc) applies these concepts. Tom is a great teacher. Highly recommended.

  20. 5

    Now, I have I to IV and I am totally amazed of the wealth of material Tom has assembled – I spent half the night only watching the videos and playing through some of the examples.

    Looking forward to work through the entire series. This is some serious stuff and these are by far the best lessons I bought on this site – highly recommended

  21. 5

    I am working my way through Tom’s entire series and have I, II, and IV. Honestly, they are some of the very best classes I have seen on this site and some of the best material on this subject available anywhere. I am extremely impressed by the range of material – from pretty basic to extremely advanced – and covering scales, harmony, and most importantly, rhythm. Tom is a great presenter of information along with being a monster player. I highly recommend these classes if you are interested in what the ‘modern’ guys are doing.

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