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How to play lines and chords at the same time
This video lesson is based upon my experience playing in  trio, duo and solo settings.
In those settings,  you need to comp behind yourself, or auto comp, finalize your phrase with a chord, and play improvised chord melodies or arrangements.  I show you the techniques behind mastersplayers like Lenny Breau, Ed Bickert, Jim Hall and John Stowell.  All of them excel at the art of solo guitar and auto comping.  Joe Diorio’s  innovative  II V I will also be covered.
Besides those topics, we learn to see the guitar like an orchestra or big band, with no more single lines versus chords.  We will try to integrate both of them because there are many things to do with this polyphonic concept.
Guide tones, guide chords, comping with a single line, counterpoint, two line, clusters,  quartal  and quintal harmony, and much more are included.
The student will take a look at the harmony of  legendary piano players Bill Evans and Mcoy Tyner, the fathers of the modern harmony in jazz.
Hope you enjoy this video a lot,
All the best!
Juampy Juarez

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Playing Lines and Chords at the Same Time
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