For those who missed this class by Sheryl earlier, she’s doing it again! She’ll be sharing her concepts of exploring chord families to create modern harmonic concepts during soloing and comping.

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Pluralities: Exploring Families of Chord Expansions
Pluralities: Exploring Families of Chord Expansions 01:31:00

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  1. Profile photo of gary mccallister


    chord extensions, not that good. if you know your chords, get something different.she uses open a and open e as bass notes for chords, but if your playing b flat, you would need the bass player to play the root. i have ordered other lessons that are way better than this one. she has some other lessons that are better than this one as well.

    ~ Gary Mccallister (October 1, 2016)

  2. Profile photo of SCOT GORMLEY


    As with all Sheryl’s classes, this is unique and very well done. All the information is useful, and Sheryl is very free with her knowledge. This class is great for all intermediate and advanced players, and she shares a very practical method for simplifying improv. concepts and improving the flow of melodies.

    ~ SCOT GORMLEY (May 29, 2011)

  3. Profile photo of Steve Barnette


    This is first Mike’s Master Class I downloaded the files and only saw a chart and some notes and was a bit disappointed. Then looking at the notes I see a chord I was taught years ago someone called the "Magic Chord" and I have got a ton of milage out of, so things were now intriguing. I started the video and Sheryl started explaining my "Magic chord" in more detail than I had before and covered more chords I can use the same way. Sheryl goes with lots of nuggets of great info. This Master Class was a great investment, Sheryl is a great teacher who doesn’t hold anything back. You’ll dig it.

    ~ Steve Barnette (September 8, 2010)

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