The style of Joe Diorio, Jonathan Kreisberg and Frank Gambale.

The time that I listen and try to play these particular arpeggios, I get in love with them. In part because of their modern sound,  and because now I can use sequential ideas in my playing.

These arpeggios are a bit hard to play; you need big stretches and the use of sweeping technique.
For the previous reason these are great for practicing and improving.

Masters like Joe Diorio, Jonathan Kreisberg, Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth use this device a lot. Perhaps the man that invented or discovered it was Hungarian composer Bela Bartok.

You can apply these ideas on soloing, composing intros, endings, adding to chord melody and arranging. In this video lesson you will see these arpeggios over blues, bossa nova, and jazz standards. It’s a simple tool but powerful, and will make a revolution in your style.

Juampy Juarez

  • Class includes written materials in standard notation and TAB
  • Running time 61 minutes 
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Class Content

Quintal Arpeggios
Quintal Arpeggios 01:01:00

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    I am not ashamed to say that I bought this class as soon as I saw it was posted; I have had lots of success with Juampy’s classes, and this one is no exception. The material covered is a very natural extension of his previous classes, dealing with clusters and Quartal Harmony, and it gives a clear, well-organized look into Quintal Harmony. The printed materials are considerably more complete and comprehensive than in some of his early classes, and they are most useful when trying to digest this material. His explanations and ideas are clear, logical, and offer real, useable playing techniques. The only thing I would suggest is that since this deals with such open or atonal harmony, having a bass note or bassline to play under his played examples would have made the dissonances easier to hear, but that is a minor point. All in all, this class is well worth the investment.

    by james Seaberry
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