“In this new masterclass, I show my original investigations on set theory, this time applied to improvisation.

Set theory is based upon mathematical numeric sets that describe the whole possibility about octave’s division, based on Integer notation, a new nomenclature that is explained in this clinic.

These sets have inside lots of new scales, licks , chords, and more.Imagine the new harmonies and melodies that you could create with it. There are 220 possible sets, and these form the musical language of the last century’s classical compositions.Genius like Stravisnky, Bartok, Boulez, Webern, Berg, and Schoenberg among others, used those sets .

Atonal music prefers dissonant intervals and wide ,large note jumps. This new stuff will be a new weapon to expand your  improvisation’s skills.

Super sets, subsets, and nested pitch field are some of the new devices shown here,  played through simple blues progressions and some other cadences.

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Set Theory Improvisation
Set Theory Improvisation 01:11:00

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